JCHi is fortunate to have professional associates working with us to achieve our mission. Jeff Rosenthal and Elisheva Rabinowitz are joining with JCHi for special programming on the East Coast, and making plans for other collaborations.


Jeff (Yaakov) Rosenthal

Jeff Rosenthal (Nutrition 4 All Seasons) is a graduate of the largest nutrition school in the world, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a Board Certified Health Counselor. He is committed to working with Jewish men and women in order to help them deal with the overall deteriorating quality of health and wellness within our community, affecting young and old alike. He can help you deal with the conflict of wanting to eat healthy food but ending up eating pizza, fast-food and other junk food. He focuses on ways to regain one’s health and vitality in a way that makes sense -without weight loss diets that focus on deprivation or denial.

Jeff leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to singles, adults and families, teaching them how to stop the "lose weight only to have you gain it back again" routine or exercise regimens that are time consuming and have unrealistic expectations. His clients are able to end the internal food fight, so they can go on to focus their energy on what is important to them, be it career, family or personal growth.

Check out his website here:  http://nutrition4allseasons.com/


Elisheva Rabinowitz, LCPC

A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Lifestyle Coach, Elisheva Rabinowitz is the owner of “BalancedBodies4Women.” Elisheva works with adults and children who experienced traumatic events in their lives. She has spoken extensively about wellness, stress, anger, domestic violence and abuse. Currently, she specializes in: stress and anger management, grief and loss issues, and eating issues, such as emotional overeating. In addition, Elisheva Rabinowitz holds several wellness certifications, including Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Group Exercise (Pilates and Yoga) Instructor. She helps her clients obtain a healthy and fit body, prevent serious illness, reduce stress levels, and increase their energy. In addition, she helps them overcome roadblocks and become accountable for their actions, making wellness part of their lifestyle, not just for a week, a month, or a year, but for a lifetime.

Elisheva can guide, direct, support, and nurture you in each step of your journey.

Check out her website here: http://www.balancedbodies4women.com/