Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Jews lead healthier lives, through the use of evidence-based practices tailored to the culture and sensitivities of each segment of the Jewish community. Our purpose is not to duplicate the well developed services for the ill that Jewish communities often provide, but to focus on prevention, health and wellness. We seek to partner with existing community organizations whenever possible.    



1. Health promotion and education in Jewish communities, where community is defined broadly to encompass physical, geographically defined communities, as well as virtual communities connected through technology and spirit.               

2. Development of successful programs, and implementation materials and training to support replication in other communities.                

3. Capacity building and professional development, to supply Jewish communities with professionals with community-specific training and experience, along with the commitment to serve the Jewish community.                

4.  Research and dissemination necessary to support the mission. 

5.  Create a sustainable, cohesive infrastructure for implementation in Jewish communities throughout the country.