Content is coming.....information about a range of mental health conditions.

For now, see the list of resources below (download the PDF). While this is focused on Cleveland, there are excellent online and phone-based resources as well.

JCHi, (with help from Mali Mendlovic and JFSA) has created a 2-page summary of key mental health related resources for Cleveland. It has local resources, but also some online and phone resources.

Here is a PDF for download

Mental Health Resources


Naaleh – 216-591-6191  Rabbi Chaim Helman

Confidential (name not needed) mental health referrals. Support groups.

Yesh Tikvah –   216-403-2726      Rabbi Aryeh Leib Joseph

Financial support for therapy for adults and children who meet organization’s criteria/priorities.


Gesher Cleveland 216-862-4599  

Connects people in financial hardship to benefits and government assistance programs.


Shalom Task Force Hotline 1-718-337-3700 or 1-888-883-2323

Domestic Abuse and recognizing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. 6 days per week and late night support.

Call handlers have access to list of Cleveland Rabbis, therapists trained by STF. Contract with JFSA Cleveland.

Chazkeinu 314-346-7414

Phone-based support groups for Jewish women for those struggling, or family members.


Online frum support groups for health-related issues, including mental health:

Info about mental health conditions (links on left), also online support groups.

Videos on wide range of mental health issues from various perspectives:

Video explaining mental illness to teens and young adults:

Amudim 646-517-0222  Sexual abuse, drug addiction in frum community. Crisis support.

Awareness videos:

Mental Health Awareness in the Jewish Community – Facebook Page

What kinds of therapy work for what mental health challenges:

How to tell if someone is clinically depressed and in need of help

This 2 question screen has been proven to help identify people with clinical depression (proven in adults and teens):

Over the past 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by the following symptoms:

Little interest or pleasure in doing things

Not at all

(0 pts)

Several Days

(1 pt)

More than Half the Days

(2 pts)

Almost Every Day

(3 pts)

Feeling down, depressed or hopeless

Not at all

(0 pts)

Several Days

(1 pt)

More than Half the Days

(2 pts)

Almost Every Day

(3 pts)


Add up your score. A total of 3 points or more indicates a professional evaluation is strongly recommended.

Jewish Family Service Association Services

  • Family Violence Services: Holistic Services for victims of Intimate Partner violence. Services are free and are available to anyone over the age of 18.

Case Management: Assists clients in navigating the maze of social service, legal, medical, vocational and welfare systems. Includes safety assessments, planning, assistance in obtaining and coordinating referral services and accompanying clients on appointments.

Journey to Empowerment and Support Groups: 4 week program, then weekly support group

Contact Mae Bennett: 216.378.8675 or

  • Hebrew Shelter Home: Homeless services for Jewish Women and their children escaping domestic violence and/or facing homelessness. Kosher home, in Jewish community.

Contact Sarah Froimson: 216.378.3406 or

  • Forward Focus: Financial literacy program to empower Jewish Families and individuals.
    • Provides one-on-one assistance towards self-sufficiency and stability with household budget, debt reduction, affordable housing, reliable transportation, reliable child care/elder care, sustainable employment, and improving credit scores.  

For more information regarding Forward Focus, Contact Janisse Nagel at  216.378.3477 or Ginny Galili at 216.378.3420

  • Homelessness Prevention/ Financial Assistance Program: Provides limited, short term financial assistance to Jewish Families to prevent eviction and utility shut offs.

Contact Ariella Dowek at 216.378.3563 or Sarah Froimson at 216.378.3406

Mental Health Services

For more information, eligibility and assessment please contact Jane Harkey at 216.378.3406 or Wendy Cantor-Dobo at 216.378.3412.

Counseling Services: Services are open to anyone over the age of 18 with health insurance. Counseling services accept Medicaid/Medicare health insurance

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy: An evidence-based practice that helps people with schizophrenia and related mental illnesses improve their processing and cognition.

Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST): help individuals with mental health diagnoses live as independently in the community as possible.

  • Assisting clients with paying bills on time, doing chores, getting to the doctor, exercising or looking for a job.

PLAN: Social, recreational and wellness programming for those with severe mental illness.

Residential Services: Supported living sites for 2-4 adults.11 suite apartment building offering subsidized rent.Specialized services for adults with hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury, Autism spectrum disorder and young adults.

Older Adult Services

For more information, eligibility and assessment please contact Cindy Kaufman at 216.378.8661

  • Counseling: To help cope with issues associated with aging, such as changes in independence, health problems, dementia, death of a loved one, isolation, and family dynamics.
  • Geriatric Case Management: service to help older adults and their families understand, access, and coordinate available resources so they can continue to live safely and independently at home.
  • Holocaust Survivor Support Services
    • Help with Reparations claims, Care coordination, Counseling, financial assistance, Personal Care, Europa Café, Home Cleaning, TOV (friendly visitors), JFSA shuttle