Fast Track to a Healthier You! 

Posted by mendel Sunday, April 29, 2012 9:10:15 PM

“Fast Track to a Healthier You”, is a special program sponsored by the Jewish Center of Teaneck (JCOT, Teaneck, NJ),  Thursday night June 7 at 8pm. Three speakers from the Jewish Community Health Initiative (JCHi),, will discuss the challenges of trying to live healthier within a hectic lifestyle. The focus is on easy steps that can be immediately put into practice; simple things we can all do to be healthier. The speakers include Dr. Mendel Singer, Associate Professor of Public Health at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, who will speak about healthier lifestyles from multiple perspectives: medical, Jewish Law and Thought, the Jewish community. He will also present results from health surveys done in Jewish communities, including his own study of students attending Jewish middle schools.  Elisheva Rabinowitz LCPC, a therapist and fitness coach in Baltimore (, will draw from her many years of experience to provide practical advice on easy ways to fit exercise into your schedule and reduce stress. Jeff Rosenthal, board certified in health counseling (, is a health coach living in Passaic. He will present a series of steps we can take to tilt the odds in our favor in the battle of what we eat, sharing some of the advice that has helped so many. The evening will be moderated by Rabbi Lawrence Zierler of JCOT.

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